If you want a constant flow of new clients, then this is for YOU

Work less and enjoy more! Every business owner’s dream!

At least, that is what most of us envision before we went and opened our business. Then we faced reality.

And this is because we just can’t work anywhere else. We are the kind of people that will never function as an employee. We like to take the lead and be our own boss. We don’t like anyone to tell us what to do. It is as if somehow we were destined to be entrepreneurs.

Sadly, for the majority entrepreneurism is not as sweet as we wish it was. Long hours, few customers, and the pain that comes from watching the competition make a killing and enjoy the life that we’ve dreamed about.

What if I told you, there is an easier way!

“Yeah, here it comes: the sales pitch!”, maybe you are saying!

But let me tell you something: if you could get the right customers, it wouldn’t be that bad.

The right customer, the perfect customer, the kind that complains less and purchases more, the one that is faithful, your biggest fan and advocate, the kind that will tell everyone about your product or service, and will make the rain steadier for your business.

There is just one problem to face.

Exponential Growth.

I’m talking about the unique situation of San Diego. It is growing massively; this is bringing a lot of opportunities but also some challenges.

New people in town with well-paid tech jobs that are landing every day, pockets full of cash. They ready to buy, they are qualified, they have good credit, so they are the perfect customer.

The only problem is that they don’t know anyone, including your business. They are not aware that you exist, they don’t know the wonders of your product or service, but I’m sure if they know you they will buy from you.

So, the challenge for your business is to let all these good fellows know about you, or to advertise your business.

Let’s talk about how people make their buying decision.

What’s their best source of information so they can make an educated decision? TV and radio used to be that source, but not anymore. The number one source are their friends and coworkers, somebody that they can trust. So here is the big opportunity and challenge.

Let everyone know that you exist.

After their friends, the second way is the internet.  It is the fastest way to access information to make a wise decision. When you ask a question about something people say, “Google it”.  In just seconds it can answer any question.

Mobile searches allow people to access anywhere, anytime, information about products, services, prices, and places to make a purchasing decision.

According a survey made by Google© 74% of smartphone users use their mobile phones for shopping, and of that 79% make a purchasing decision as a result of using their phones.

And notice according the same survey 95% of smartphone users looked up local information, of that 61% called, and 59% visited the local business.

As you can see, smartphones are a tool that allow people to make an educated decision based on price, specifications, reviews, referrals, endorsements, you name it. The mobile way is the fastest way to make a decision.

Why so?

Because it is ingrained in our American blood. Remember the saying:

Pioneers get the arrows in their neck.

Nobody want to be the first to try something that nobody knows about. That’s why those online reviews, stars, and thumbs up are so important or key for a purchasing decision.

As salesy as it sounds, Mobile information Matters for the well-being of your business health and success.

Let’s illustrate it.

Luisa owns a car. The paint on her car is peeling off and she knows it is going to be expensive to fix, so she starts collecting information about a good and affordable place to paint her car. The information comes from friends and coworkers, as well as online forums, YouTube videos, web pages, car apps, etc.

She is looking for a cheap fix but she realizes based on the information that that’s not possible. But because her car is in perfect shape she knows that it is cheaper to paint the car than to buy a new one, so she decides go ahead and do it.  Based on her searches, the best place is Rudy’s garage, an excellent and affordable shop full of good reviews, and testimonials that she found all over the web, including many social media networks. She visits the garage and everything is as she expects, perfect body work at a reasonable price. After a couple of weeks, the car is ready. It looks like new. She couldn’t be happier about the body work; she now becomes a loyal advocate and fan and every person that sees the car will trigger a conversation. She adds more 5 star reviews that will accelerate the success of the business. It is a win-win situation.

Can you see the link between a purchasing decision and information?

The biggest challenge for your business is to channel or direct people to the information about your trade, service, or business.

“I’m everywhere online,” some people claim.

Everywhere- next to the competition, in the yellow pages, business pages, Yelp, etc.

Being everywhere means you are where and when people need you. For example, if you offer dog grooming services or tools, your client should know about you when they’re collecting information on line, so your ad about your business must be right in front on forums, web pages, YouTube videos, and social media networks, so you can direct them to your website. Once they land on your website they will be aware of your product and service and then you have to do your best to collect their information so you can keep sending them more information so they see you as the expert of the field.

All the above is possible thanks to the power of Internet marketing. Have you noticed that after leaving a website, sometimes those ads are chasing you everywhere you go online? This trick is known as re-marketing. And even though some people hate it, it is very effective.

Technophobic entrepreneurs are going broke.

Some people are too busy working in the business that forget that they should be working ON their business. For this reason, they stop looking for ways to generate more business. Others are sleeping on their laurels, thinking that since they’re making good money now, that will never change.

Let me tell you something loud and clear:

San Diego is attracting a lot of super smart entrepreneurs that are trying to dominate the market.

Big corporations with deep pockets full of cash are making a killing, attacking all fronts, taking captive customers and decimating the competition. They know there is a lot of money to be made.

Then what’s the solution to the problem?

Innovation and marketing

Look for new ways to acquire new customers, new processes, new formats, new campaigns, new lead magnets, and systems, and do your best to retain them.

Implement a Marketing strategy,

Most of the businesses that go broke never had a strategy. They were reactive not proactive. They are tactical, they treat marketing as an event not as a systematic process.

Our solution to the problem.

We provide multi-device, online and mobile marketing strategy, or in other words we’ll help your customers to find you anywhere, anytime they are looking for your product, service, trade, niche, or industry.

We’ll make your job easier. We bring customers and you take their business. We’ll help you to collect their info so you can keep providing them the information to make a decision.

If they have an emergency, we make sure they find your telephone number so they can call you ASAP.

We’ll help your customers to remember you and keep you in the top of their mind so they can refer friends and family or go back to you.

We can set up a campaign that covers your zip code, city, county, state, country, or countries.

We’ll target just the right customer: qualified, ready to buy.

We hate waste. We come from a conservative family so we’ll make sure that every penny that we use for your digital campaign is  used only to make you richer.

We help small business owners that lack the marketing skills and deep pockets that the big corporations have.

We work according your budget.

We’ve been helping small businesses since 2011 in PA and we are now located in Northern San Diego.  We are Latin Marketers.

Please feel free to call us for a free consultation. After that we’ll send you a proposal.

Looking forward to help your business!